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निर्मल लाईफ़स्टाइल मॉल, एलबीएस मर्ग, मुलुंड वेस्ट, मुंबई - 400080, Maharashtra
इन निर्मल लाईफ़स्टाइल मॉल
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Reservation Number: 8800900009
Multiplex: येस
संपादक की टिप्पणी
PVR Cinema: PVR Cinemas were the first to launch the multiplex concept in Delhi and own the largest 11 screener in Bangalore. The company has 101 screens across the country and believe in a 'Movies First' mantra. All cinema halls are vibrant and exciting with world class services offered. Ticketing is computerized and online and mobile bookings can also be done. Luxury seating under categories 'Gold Class' and 'Europa' are offered along with an exclusive lounge service. The theatres often have promotional events and offers for clients.

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its cool
reservation number is wrong. no tele-bookings at PVR.
online: www.pvrcinemas.com
IVR: 505787

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