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Indian Institute Of World Culture

Cultural Centre
6, BP Wadia Road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore - 560004, Karnataka
Opposite MN Krishna Rao Park
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Foreign Cultural Centers: Yes
Editor's Note
Indian Institute Of World Culture: An academy that seeks to unite people through literature, history, science and the fine arts. Founded in 1945 the institute promotes cultural, intellectual and ethical issues across the country and beyond. Programmes are hosted at least twice a week. There are public lectures by eminent scholars and statesmen such as Prof. Julian Huxley and Dr. J V Narlikar. The lectures are then printed and made available to those who are interested. Music and dance recitals, art exhibitions and educational film shows are also held regularly. The institute has a childrens library, runs art classes and holds summer camps for children.

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I am honored that my novel "September Mourning" is being launched at a
prestigious venue like the Indian Institute Of World Culture. I wish the event
a great success and thank all the attendies and organizers. I would like a
video of the event.

Charles Narasi MD
200 Eagle Way