Audio & Video Shop
48, KFC Building, Church Street, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka
Opposite I Gate Hotel
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Where do you go on a Sat eve, if you feel like watching "Banlieue 13", "Y tu mama tambien", "Nine Queens" or "Motorcycle Diaries" or any other independent / foreign flick. Habitat is the place, what started eons ago as the go to place for that hard to get import music has spread its wings into video rentals. The really awesome part is that they stock only original dvd's. Tad expensive at Rs.100 to Rs.80 per rental, but worth every bit.

This place is "the" place if you are looking for rarities in CD's & DVD's, especially if you are lookin out for entire 80's and early 90's rock n metal, there are lots more unique collection of cd's and DVD's which is hard to get in leading music outlets ...who cater only for the latest music freaks.

The man / the beard / the long hair rocks man !!