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City Bar

86, Ground Floor, Oak Shot Place, M.G Road, Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka
Beside Barton Center
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cash, credit card
Amenities: Not Available
Alcohol: Yes
Stags Allowed: Yes
Parking: Valet
Catering: No
Home Delivery: No
Valet Parking: Yes
Veg/Non-Veg: Non-Veg
Food coupons accepted: No
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
Amenities: DJ, Live Band
Entry: Free
Cuisine: Kebabs , Mediterranean , Multi-Cuisine

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User Reviews

i dint like it...average taste...average ambience...average services...nothing was dat happening to feel gr88 der...it was not worth spending...better to opt sm other place
mouth watering..fulfilled my carving for sea food.Good service and rates are fine.
Went for Power Lunch in City Bar... Loved it. Loved prawn in peri peri sauce, Butter rice with Mutton chops .
Went for dinner with friends at City Bar. made reservations in advance and was glad that they held our reservation cause there was a long line to get in. the ambience and the view was awesome and so was the food. best part was that there was so much space between tables...no one was elbowing us and there were no people waiting for us to get up. We were not waving to get the attention of the waiter or screaming to make ourselves heard. Our party of six had a great time. Though if u are planning to go in the evening a sweater or a jacket is recommended cause it unexpectedly tends to get a little chilly.
WENT TO CITY bar with a girlfriend. only to be told THERE WAS A GUEST LIST.
Yet the couple behind us, an balding guy in his 50s and jeans with wife in tow was allowed to walk in without a question.
Considering we were dressed formally and in our mid twenties, I 'D LOVE TO KNOW HOW THE STAFF ARE ALLOWED TO LIE AND WHAT BASIS DO THEY DECIDE WHICH CUSTOMERS can be allowed into their establishment. will be following up with a formal complaint
the dj at city bar really needs to improve on muzik.....he playes he same muzik every day every week...he dsnt evn mix d muzik well he dsnt evn do ne mixin he jus plays the track...thn wats d point of havin the dj.....n d sound quality is so bad tht hardly u cn understnd wats playin on...n his last song is always tonight's gonna be a good night by black eyed peas..he dsnt evn give ne effort to mix the track.......the place is really good n it gets a lot of good crowed but the they really have to do smthin with the muzik....!!i really like the place n like to hangout thre but the owners have to like criously do smtin about the dj....!!!