Department Store
 (0124) 4044111, (0124) 5044111
DLF City Centre, Iffco Chowk, Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon- 122001, Haryana
In DLF City Centre
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Inner Wear: No
Repairs: No
Fancy store: No
Furnishing services: No
Eco-Friendly: No
Uniforms: No
Clocks: No
Sales: Yes
Repairs & Services: No
Type Of Furniture: Home
Products: Sun Glasses
Eye Testing: No
Used Furniture: Yes
Home Delivery: No
Woolen Clothes: No
Repairs: No
Furnishings: Blinds, Draperies, Upholstery
Boutique: No
Type: Home Furniture
Brands: Black And White, Ebene, Export Surplus, Heaven, Levi's, Pan America, Pepe Jeans, Peter England
Brands: L'Oreal, Maybelline, Lakme, Revlon, Chambor, Bourjois, Max Factor, Diana Of London, Color Bar, Britney Spears, FCUK, Balenciaga, Christian Lacroix, Chevignon, Ferrari, Max Mara, Canali, Luciano Soprani, GANT, Ted Lapidus, Mango, ST Dupont, UDV, Kenneth Cole, JLO, Joop, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jil Sander, Nike, Police, Van Gils, Adidas, Jovan, Esprit, Pierre Cardin, Miss Sixty, David Beckham
Brands: Barbie, Cartoon Network, Disney, Bossini, Benetton, Orchestra, Juniors, Teeny Tiny, Artex, Bob The Builder
Products - Seating: Bench, Chair, Computer Chairs, Couch, Sofa
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
Type: Casual, Designer Label, Formal, Sportswear, Western
Brands: Ferrari, Mojo, Mont Blanc, Scott, Idee, Guess
Gender: Babys, Boys, Girls, Kids, Mens, Womens
Type: Casual Shoes, Formal Shoes, Outdoor/Adventure, Sports Shoes
Products: Lamps, Carpet, Curtains, Rug, Bed Linen, Table Linen, Glassware
Brands: Adidas, Adore, CAT, Catwalk, Code, Converse, Cooper, Duchini, Ellisa, Femmes, Florsheim, Forca, Franco, Ganuchi, ID, Josef, Kappa, Lee, Leggs, Leone, Nike , Puerto Rico, Puma , Raw Hide, Red Tape, Reebok , Roselle, Scholl, Seibel, Shuz, X-pressions
Brands: Fastrack, Zodiac, Hugo Boss, Nautica, Marie Claire, Casio, Guess, GC, Kenneth Cole, Aspen, Skagen, Levis, Adidas
cash, credit card

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