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PVR Cinema

Movie Theatre
1, Community Centre, Ground Floor, Saket, Delhi - 110017
In Community Centre
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cash, credit card
Reservation Number: 47104087
Multiplex: Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: American Express, Cirrus, MasterCard, Plus, Star, Visa, Visa Electron
Editor's Note
PVR Cinema: The first multiplex in town, PVR Saket is always crowded with people waiting to catch the latest releases. The first multiplex in Delhi, PVR Saket offers a plush cinematic experience that only gets better with the opening of newer branches. Saket continues to be a favourite with the patrons, who make it a point to catch all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood releases here. It would be wise to book seats well in advance, keeping in mind the perennial rush.

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taught delhiites to ask more ... We experienced the greatest movie experience with PVR Saket

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