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 02222610855, 02222610856
#506 Commerce House Nagindas Master Road, Fort, Mumbai - 400001, Maharashtra
Near - Dwarka Hotel
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Services: Body Building, Cardio, Cardiovascular Fitness, Flexibility Training
Editor's Note
Inch By Inch: Primarily a body-building facility it nevertheless attracts athletes from other sports who see it as an ideal place to complement their sporting talents with improved strength. The gym has tons of free weights, bars and dumb-bells. In addition calf machines, a powerful squat rack, heavy duty leg press, hack slide, smith machine, lat machines, pec deck, cross-overs, leg extension and leg curl machines, several benches and 7 Olympic bars are available to access. This sure is an attractive facility for the serious minded weight trainer.

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If you r considering to go to Matunga inch by inch drop the idea. Apparently they want their clients to have chicken legs and skinny biceps. Most important thing for regular gym boy is squats cage / preacher curl machine / hanging bars. This club does not provide these basic necessities. So if u r planning to compete, it's not for u !! It's for those hum dum uncle n aunties who can't find space in the park and like to hang out in gym in their Lycra. Music is pathetically loud and some lame Bollywood songs which u can't relate to. So even if u wear headphones u have to listen to their crap tracks. The only good thing is trainers are helpful and friendly however the poor fellas can't workout their as the owner is too cocky and want so ... View More

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