Heera Panna Shopping Centre

Shopping Mall
 (022) 23516318
Bhulabhai Desai Road, Haji Ali, Mumbai- 400026, Maharashtra
Opposite Haji Ali Masjid
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Pubs: No
Parking: Overnight
Restaurants: No
Entertainment: No
Editor's Note
A treasure trove of mobile phones, electronic items like handy cams, Playstations, iPods, and music and stereo systems, as well as watches, pirated DVDs, hardware, perfumes and designer wear, antiques and lots more, Heera Panna is one of Mumbai's oldest shopping centres. Visit various shops before finally striking a deal, lest you get fleeced. Most ...
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A Treasure Trove Of Mobile Phones, Electronic Items Like Handy Cams, PlayStation's, IPods, Music And Stereo Systems, As Well As Watches, Pirated DVDs, Hardware, Perfumes And Designer Wear, Antiques And Lots More, Heera Panna (Tardeo Rd, Haji Ali Junction Is One Of Mumbai's Oldest Shopping Centers. Visit Various Shops Before Finally Striking A Deal, ...
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