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 09324354343, 07666014321
3, പ്ലട്‌ നംബര്-110, സീവുഡ് ഈസ്ട്‌, - - 400706, Maharashtra
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Services: രോഡ്
Segment: , രെജിഡെന്ഷൽ
Segment: ഡോമെസ്ടിക്
Transportaion Mode: രോഡ്
Type: ,
Packing Type: , , , , ഡക്യൂമെംറ്റ് ബക്സ്, , , ബക്സ്, ബക്സ്, , , ബക്സ്, ,
Services: , , , , , , , , , വാര്‌ഹൌജിംഗ്

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Very poor service even their labours stairs my wife as if they have never seen any women. Very cheap people. They have not packed my single glass items. Because of this they have broked my dining glass. They sent construction worker to do my shifting. They don't even know the name of the workers they sent for shifting. Illiterate people don't even know how to handle items. Even my pity pack iPhone is lost. When i contacted on their cell phone they started using abusive vulgar foul language. They are blaming us for all this. They are saying you should take care of your valuable items. This is not our responsibility. I agree that it is my mistake because we have contacted them to do our shifting. It is the biggest mistake of mine. But i will ... View More