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1, Nagarjuna Building, Ashok Nagar, Castle Street, Bangalore - 560025, Karnataka
Near Show Off Store


Amenities: Dance Floor, DJ
Entry: Cover Charge
Stags Allowed: No
Parking: Valet
Credit Cards Accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
cash, credit card
Editor's Note
Fuga: Fuga seems to be one of the most happening places in town. Large and spacious, spread across two floors, with a moderately-sized dance floor, this is the only place in town that serves absinthe. The food and drinks are good, though a tad pricey. Try the Martinis.

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i searching a job in fuga

Been there twice with my guy friend!

Damn! Stags are not allowed. =\

The ambience is very good, crowd sucks, please be CAREFUL of the bartenders
They are set of big cheaters, never use your credit or debit card they swipe the card and mention the card doesnt work and charge double.
PLEASE BE CAREFUL of THE BARTENDERS, they are set of cheaters....
The ambience is good but the crowd sucks
Also the bartenders tend to cheat a lot dont use your debit or credit cards
As they claim the card doesnt work but they would have already swiped the money. and further will charge you the money telling the card is not working
The BARTENDERS at FUGA are set of cheaters, please be careful!!!!
i have not been to fuga still will visit the place and then comment on that..
i agree waht lind said... its really awsome place to hang out with friends....
allow stag entry
plzzzzzzzzz allow stag entry
KINDA less priced but ,,,,, however not that good keep it as the last option for a night out
LOST all its charm amongst the pathetic few who visit the place and make the place bad for the rest. If the crowd coming in is checked and allowed in after a good thought then the place may get better.
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