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द माइंड बॉडी क्लिनिक

283, 11टी.एच. मेन, इंदिरा नगर 2एन.डी. स्टेज, बेंगलुरु - 560038, Karnataka
नियर एस.एम.एस.जी. जैन कॉलेज
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Specialization: साइकिय्ट्रिस्ट क्लिनिक

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i have been going there for over a year now, and all i can say is that u will get disappointed. They used to be good initially but now many of the good staff left the place and now they are not that customer oriented and quality of service offered too is not good. Initially u may like the place, the environment and the people but later u will realize that u made a mistake going there and it will be too late for u to stop, especially if u have to take medications which u wont be able to just stop (or even taper and stop). Better keep away from here, than later regret.
calming atmosphere and most helpful