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डॉक्टर. रंगराजन मेमोरियल हॉस्पिटल

 04426268844, 04426144100
सँथाइ कॉलनी, 4थ ऍवेन्यू, अन्ना नगर, चेन्नई - 600040, Tamil Nadu
ऑपोजिट एच.पी. पेट्रोल पम्प


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Stool Test: नो
Urine Test: येस
Treadmill Test: येस
24 Hours: येस
Hearse Van: येस
Blood Tests: येस
Lungs Test: येस
Home Delivery: नो
Optical Test: येस
Nerve & Vein Test: येस
X-Ray: येस
Heart Test: येस
Scan: येस
Air Ambulance: नो
Specialization: ऍंएस्थेसिय्लोगी, पिडिय्ट्रिक्स, ओफ्दॅल्मोलोगी, ई.एन.टी., डेंटल, कार्डियोलॉजी एंड ऑरथोपेडिक्स
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
Editor's Note
When it comes to medical care for one's family or one's self, nobody would like to take it lightly. Dr. Rangarajan Memorial Hospital has been committed to serving the society and has made healthcare much more accessible to more people across the state. Dedicated to quality, the institution also offers training in 9 medical disciplines helping carry the mantle forward. Their highly trained team of doctors and other personnel ensure that there are no compromises when it comes to your health. State-of-the-art equipment and well-networked infrastructure ensure that you get the absolute best.

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