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पॉलॅडिअम मॉल

Shopping Mall
हाइ स्ट्रीट फोंइक्स, 462, सेनापती बपत मर्ग, लोवर परेल, मुंबई - 400013, Maharashtra
बिग बझार
मैप देखें


Pubs: येस
Restaurants: बॉम्बे ब्लू
Entertainment: पी.वी.आर. सिनेमास
Parking: कवर्ड, डाइजब्लड, ओवर्नाइट, वॉलेट
Editor's Note
Phoenix Mall: An entertainment, shopping destination to spend an entire day. High Street Phoenix has three zones namely, Skyzone, Courtyard & MainStreet Boulevard. Skyzone houses national and international retail outlets, Courtyard has the food options, The Bowling Co and Big Bazaar, while MainStreet Boulevard is where you can find formal and casual clothes and premium accessories and jewellery. A PVR multiplex, sports bar, multi-cuisine restaurants and lifestyle shopping options make this a shopping highlight in the upper Worli area.

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