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ਟਾਵਰ ਏ&ਬੀ, 5ਟੀ.ਏਚ. ਫਲੋਰ, ਸੇਕਟੋਟ 25-ਏ, ਡੀ.ਏਲ.ਏਫ. ਸਿਟੀ ਫੇਜ 3, ਗੁੜਗਾਁਵ - 122002, Haryana
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Can you stand-in as an agent to make a supply to my company?
reply me at my email ( cristinafrancis63@gmail.com ) here

Kind regards

I need bluetooth handsfree but they not found
03rd March 2015. To, The Customer Care Manager, Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd, India. Sub: A complaint against the Nokia Authorized Service Centre. Respected Sir/Madam, With reference to the subject cited above I Mr Rabin Rajbongshi a resident of Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam would like to state you that on 25/10/2014, I purchased a Nokia XL handset @ Rs 10,500/- from an authorized dealer “SAPPHIRE’’GK Complex, Ganeshguri, RG Baruah Road, Guwahati 5, Assam, Contact No: 0361 2205944. From the date of purchasing, the handset was giving problem in operating, so on 19/01/2015 my mobile handset automatically stopped working and henceforth I dropped my handset at the Servicing Centre for rectifying. Next day on 20/01/2015 I g ... View More
i have purchased nokia xl 9/6/2014 and it was dead on 25/10/2014 and i have given my mobile to OMS MOBILE TECH SERVICES PVT. LTD ON 29/10/2014 and till date my mobile is not return back to me even not given any other hand set for working,pls let me know how many days it will take and what is the status of my mobile. and further i will go to consumer cort or nokia corporate office for my complaint,pls help me.
my IMEI NO. IS 353637062169364 AND MY PURCHASE INVOICE NO. IS 67658 AND MY ULTRANATE NO. IS 9899246142...
iam interested nokia xl phone please replay lunching date
respected sir,
please let me know the status of my mobile lumia 620 as soon as possible imei num:356347058067302.
my phn num:9809034694/dinufrancis@yahoo.co.in
dear sir
nokia mobile sale down day by day ....please care it
i have best solution regarding nokia cell phone sales in punjab
please care
gurinder pal 09814000111 amritsar punjab
What to do I purchased NOKIA 6300 after four months stopped working given to the nearest care for care after three months I got the sAME BACK ANDIT IS MY FATE AGIAN STOPPED WORKING. NOW I DONOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, CAN U PL ADVICE ME IT IS LEANT THAT THIS LOT HAS GOT SOFTWARE COMPLAINT. CAN U DO SOMETHING........... I CANNOT AFFOD TO BUY ANOTHR ONE
kRISHNADAS, 9488417895
1-Nokia Lumia 610 bought on 7th Aug, 2012 and dead on 8th Aug, 2012. Got replacement after 10 days.
2-Replaced Nokia Lumia 610 dead again on 31st Aug, 2012 and received replacement on 4th Sept, 2012.
3-Again Nokia Lumia 610 dead on 25th Sept, 2012 and received replacement on 3rd Oct, 2012
4-Again Nokia Lumia 610 dead on 3rd Oct, 2012 and recived replacement of battery on 3rd Oct, 2012
5-Now Nokia Lumia 610 dead on 13th May, 2013 and submitted to Nokia Care for repairing / replacement.
Respected sir
i had taken Nokia asha 300 in April this year i,e 2012 and its touch is not working properly for two months now.My phone is in warrenty .Although i visited nokia care Aligarh two times for its remedy but the officials there are much interested in charging the customers rather than in addressing their problems.they wasted my two months in this case nd i've switched off my mobile since then.their callous attitude towards customers will make you pay heavily.i beseech your goodself to attend the grievences of customers and take stringent action against these culprits.
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