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Koshy's Parade Bar And Restaurant

St. Marks Road ,Bangalore
May 11, 2011
i enjoyed my last sunday afternoon lunching at the former 'jewel box' in its new avatar. the ambience, the service and the food was superb. what was not, was it's non wheelchair accessibility from the front entrance or even a disabled or senior citizen friendly entrance from st. mark's road. with a generally severe arthritic condition of 26 years, my replaced hips and knee joints had to be hauled over a very high step that caused the socket of one hip to dislodge slightly and i am in severe suffering as nothing can be done but bear it. it needs ramps...we also had a 92 year old lady in our group. please install a gradual ramp with railing into the entrance to enable people with disability to enjoy your hospitality without suffering...thanks in advance. will be a frequent visitor thereafter. regards. jacqueline colaco