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ஷக்தி பார் & ரெஸ்டிராண்ட்

பார் மற்றும் பப்
122/24, 5டி.எச். மெய்ன் ரோட்‌, கங்கா நகர்‌, பெங்களூர் - 560024, Karnataka


Stags Allowed: யெஸ்
Parking: ஃபிரீ
Entry: ஃபிரீ

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The bar & Restaurant was once having fantastic food & service. Now even though the service is good the food is pathetic . Its hard to find items without oil except boiled peanut .The ambiance is dull The chairs need to refurbished the rooftop sidewalls needs to be replaced its too hot in the daytime to sit on rooftop .only advisable to visit after 7.00 pm since no food is available earlier than that . The washrooms are dirty needs to be maintained well Ranjit kumar

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Frazer Town Peenya Industrial Area Palace Cross Road Jayamahal Extension