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5பி.சி.-302, எச்.ஆர்.பி.ஆர். லெயாஉட்‌, ஆஉடர் ரிங்க்‌ ரோட்‌, கல்யான்‌ நகர்‌, பைங்கலோர்‌ - 560043, Karnataka
பிசைட்‌ பிஜ்ஜா ஹட்


Stone Art: NA
Brands: Evok
Furnishing services: Yes
Brands: Evok
Used Furniture: No
Corporate Gifts: No
Repairs: No
Sales: Yes
Products - Other: Futons, Swings
Furnishings: Blinds, Draperies, Upholstery
Kitchen Types: Steel, Wooden
Make: Aluminium, Wooden
Products - Sets: Bedroom Set, Dining Set, Kitchen Set
Products - Storage: Bookcase, Cabinets, Chest, Cupboard, Dresser, Sideboard, Trays, Trolleys, Wardrobes
Products - Seating: Armchair, Bean Bag, Couch, Footstool, Sofa, Stool
Type Of Furnishing: Blinds, Carpets & Rugs, Curtains & Draperies, Upholstery
Products: Aroma Candles, Flower Vases, Artificial Flowers, Ganesha Idols, Mugs, Glass Bowls
Type Of Furniture: Contemporary Furniture, Home Furniture, Indoor Furniture, Italian Furniture
Type: European, French, Indian, Italian
Accessories: Alters, Candle Stands, Cane Boxes, Floaters, Key Holders, Platters, Towel Racks, Wooden Vases
Hindware: Bath Tub, Bidets, Cistern, Closet Seat Cover, Faucets, Flush Valves, Shower Encloser, Shower Panel, Sinks, Steam Room, Urinals, Wash Basin, Water Closet
Types: Carpets, Curtains, Lighting Fixtures, Mattresses, Venetian & Vertical Blinds, Wallpaper
Products: Decorative Vases, Fancy Curtains, Embroidered Curtains, Beaded Curtains, Loop Pile Carpets, Kashmiri Carpets, Decorative Lights, Table Lamp, Bed Lamp, Decorative Wallpaper, Bed Linen, Kitchen Linen, Table Linen, Cushions, Pillows, Cushion Covers, Bed Sheets, Showpieces, Dinner Set, Pooja Set, Tea Set, Bolster, Wine Glass
Products - Surface: Bed, Centre Table, Coffee Table, Desk, Diwan, Wall units, Work Stations
Products: Bath Tub, Bath Mixers, Bath Taps, Shower Encloser, Overhead Showers, Hand Shower, Shower Panel, Faucets, Flush Valves, Wash Basin, Kitchen Sink, Bidets, Cistern
Credit Cards Accepted: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron
cash, credit card

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