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10/எ, டாக்டர். குரிசமி ரோட்‌, செடபெட், சென்னை - 600031, Tamil Nadu
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Specialization: கீந்யேகோலோகி, டாயனாஸ்டிக் செண்டர்ஸ்

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Did you try IVF in jnh. I'm planning for first ivf this month

I planning a IVF in JNH can someone recommend success rate and about hospital.
We already had 2 failures my family preferred JNH but I am confused
Worst ever hospital I have ever seen... I had my first delivery there..i lost my discharge summary in flood . I am trying get back . I stay in Dubai wen I came India gave personal letter they missed it... Again I called jnh and sent my relative they said send oly mail that's enough . No response for mail also. Again I called they said sorry mam u need to provide letter so come again and give . Again I send my mom to give letter al the way from chengalpet to chetpet... I am calling from Dubai and asked jayanthy regarding the issue she is saying u should ask meenakshi not me. Just like that jayanthy from reception cut the cal without courtesy r manners . Wat they do as staff member. If I can track to one staff y others staff work.. If I as ... மேலும் காண்க
I am planing for IVF treatment for my wife in JNH could some one share the experience in JNH

I want my wife to be operated for uterus ,my entire family is recommending this hospital, but after seeing all the posts ,i am skeptical

anybody who has done operation in this hospital,pl give your valuable advice


i had a baby girl born thro iui treatment in jnh . the dr assured that he will try 99 % for normal delivery and he kept his promise. the cost of treatment is half of other good hospitals in business . the hospital is clean , and the canteen is really good and severs only veg food. the dr fees is just 200 rs for regular visits . and everything is computerised billed inc l fee receipt . only thing is the waiting time to meet the dr which is once in a month only .but that is no big issue because the duty dr take cares of reg work
but i proberbly say whatever is wrong in the hsp kurian joseph is like a god to me ....i challenge nobody can substitute him.....he has a magic in his hands.....and always does a normal delivery 98% till the extent he can he will only push for normal delivery
management is not good....i know abt the hsp for past 6 yrs in my family everyone choose joseph nursing home for delivery it was a very good hsp b4 but now it became bad management....and all the staff stand behind us for money after a delivery it is very hard to say but it hapent to everyone in our famiily including me.....
Also , I forgot to mention one more point. In no hospital (atleast to my knowledge), charge for half a day if we get discharged during lunch hours. But in Joseph nursing home, they charged us only for half-a-day instead of charging for full day though we never asked them for it. That shows the ethics they have. Hats off to Kurain ...
Hello all, I understand the pain in waiting. But these days its hard to find good doctors and we really need to be patient to meet them . I had my first delivery in Joseph nursing home and went through the pain of waiting for longer time during consultation. But thats the case for all expert doctors and here they are really genuine in trying for normal delivery . Regarding fees , they are really much better than many other hospitals. I would claim that the fees they demand is much less for an expert like Kurian. If you can bear the waiting time , best treatment by best doctor will be assured to you . There will be pros and cons in everything. But we need to make the call considering the priority points. In hospital main thing is good doct ... மேலும் காண்க
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