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எ5 கணெஷ்‌ அபார்ட்மெண்ட்ஸ்‌, 52, நோர்த்‌ மாண்டா ஸ்டிரீட்‌, மைலாபூர், சென்னை - 600004, Tamil Nadu


Services: வெடிங்க் பிலேனர்ஸ், வெடிங்க் பிலேனிங்க், வெடிங்க் டெகோரெஷன், கோர்போரெட் இவெண்ட் ஓர்கனைஜர்ஸ், இவெண்ட் மேனெஜமெண்ட்

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A huge thank you to Kirthika for her performance! She was at the top. We were conquered as well as our guests!
Wedding Aaha great company! We work together as partners and I can say that there has never been a single lining! The guys always have everything clearly and under control. We are always happy to work with this company on any projects! Rating 5!
I highly recommend Wedding AAha. In my personal experience,
Devaraj professional wedding planner making a very pleasant wedding experience.
Excellent wedding service. Info was good and complete and the acts were superb. Will definitely recommend others.
Wedding Aaha Team Have a perfect plan for the Wedding. They did a great job. They manage money like their own budget. thanks to Devaraj. I will recommend you to also.
They were very helpful! They are knowledgeable on their business, and we did not have any problems or anxiety on the wedding. We are so happy we chose them!
Excellent service. We both happy with the service
Wedding Aaha Organize the all wedding so Well. They are very professional, so kind and such good people. Thank You.
Excellent service and Very nice team. The wedding planner was helpful and supportive also they give you all information required step by step with full guidance.
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