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எ46, பேன்‌ பிஜனெஸ்‌ சென்டர்‌, நோயிடா செக்டர்‌ 57, நோயிடா - 201301, Uttar Pradesh


Products & Services: டிஸ்‌கவரி வர்க்‌ஷாப், இண்டர்‌பிரைஸ் மோபிலிடி, சாஃப்ட்‌வேரி டிவெலப்மெண்ட், இண்டர்‌பிரைஸ் சலுஷன்ஸ்

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Thief website/Traitors
Hello sir
My issue is that we made our website from this company whom they took 30000 charges from us and also they took server and Marketing charges which is 40000.
They also gave in written that our website guaranty is their and they will provide 30 orders in every day for 6 months but still we didn't get 1 order from their side,also my website is showing closed from previous 7 days. When i talked to them about this issue then they said you have to pay some extra charges to live your website because we created issue in website.

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