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A good IT Company where you can learn lot of knowledge. Working on various projects, flexible hours, new technologies, etc. All have freedom to show their talent, experience and views in the growth of company.....
Good learning and working environment. Training period is knowledgeable, Working on different technologies and can switch to other technology after some period, Supportive seniors, Good Team Management, etc...
I started my career as a fresher here. I was confused about my career at the time of joining. But after few days I felt comfortable and happy to join this company. There was always new things to learn daily. Working on new technologies, supportive employees, good working environment and training period. If you want to build your professionalism then SunTecIndia is best option to join.
Talented People , nice working Environment, great opportunities for freshers to learn and work on various platform and new technologies. Full freedom to show your talent and quality of work. Really a great IT company. I feel happy that I am the part of SunTec Web Services.
High motivational and talented seniors. Training is main part for the new joining and they are trained so well that within a few months, they are capable to handle the real time projects and also shared unique, powerful ideas in the projects. Team members are helpful like a family. Management is also nice and always ready to help.
SunTec Web Services is more than average IT company and growing faster in the path of success. The working environment is too good as all the colleagues are supportive. The performance of the employees is always appreciated here. Most of all clients are satisfied with the quality of work. Team management solves all the issues regarding to employees.
"Competitive environment learning growth is unlimited ”
I have been working with SunTec Web Services , Working with talented people and sharing new ideas that provide chance to learn more and more. No one is senior here except Project Manager. All works like family. Anyone can give his/her opinion.

SunTec Web Services is a decent company to work on. The work life balance is good and all things depends on projects and client's requirement. SunTecIndia is best for freshers as well as experienced. Since 5 years, I have leant lot of things - professional as well as personal. We can say that this company is a complete package of learning and growth in personal and professional development.

Talented and friendly people, Focus on strong technology, Good Salary for deserving candidates, Work life balance, etc..

Peaceful Life At SunTec Web Services::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
SunTecIndia is a good company to work with.
SunTecIndia process driven company and provides friendly work atmosphere.
SunTecIndia takes care of its employees in every sense.

Overall it's a reputed and trustworthy IT company where job hunting candidates wants to join.

Hi.. Arjun...
I visited your profile. I think you have have some personal issues with all companies you have commented.
Could you please tell me the reason for negative reviews especially SunTec Web Services. i don't think to join this company is bad. I joined here and gain lot of knowledge. All company have their different different policies.
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