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பி.வி.ஆர். சினெமேக்ஸ்

 03340007271, 03340007272
மனி ஸ்க்வெர்‌ மால், 164/4, 3ஆர்.டி. ஃபிலோர்‌, மணிகதாலா மெய்ன் ரோட்‌, இ.எம் பைபாஸ்‌, கோல்‌காதா - 700054, West Bengal
இன் மனி ஸ்க்வெர்‌ மால்


cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: நோ
Reservation Number: 033-40007271-72 / 9230614789
Multiplex: யெஸ்

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Dear Concerned,

This is to share a recent experience at Manisquare cinemax PVR on 4th
August in the evening where I was actually planned to watch the 1940 show
of Bajrangi Bhaijaan but then changed my mind and wished to watch Bahubali
at 1830 instead. I asked for the tickets to be exchanged which the lady at
the ticket counter politely denied saying it is against their policies to
do so, however asked me to speak to the DM who can approve that. I met the
DM Sumit and he did keep my request and handled the situation quite well
without letting me wait. A big thanks to him. Till the time i'm in city
i'll make sure to visit manisquare just for that courtesy of Sumit.

Warm regards,

Navonil Das

Whats you contactable phone number as on above number no one picks the call.
It is a great place to watch a movie. The gold tickets give you couches which are very comfy. The sounds and other amenities are pretty much great. And add to that the fact that Mani Square is a very hang-able place gives you a great movie going experience overall. I watched the Rocket Singh movie here today and though I thought that the movie sucked, the plex experience was good. What say you?

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