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காலெரியா ஷாபிங்க் மால்

ஷாப்பிங் மால்
 02225797505, 02225797506, 02225797343
93, காலெரியா ஷாபிங்க்‌ மால், கிரௌண்ட்‌ ஃபிலோர்‌, போவயி, மும்பயி - 400076, Maharashtra
அருகில் ஹீரானன்தானி கார்டென்ஸ்
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Parking: கவர்ட்
Restaurants: கே.எஃப்.சி. ரெஸ்டிராண்ட்
எடிட்டர் குறிப்பு
Galleria Shopping Mall: This is the largest mall in India located in the Hiranandani Gardens in Powai. It is designed around the famous Italian 19th century building and caters to an elite clientele. The mall houses popular fast food parlours, Chinese restaurants, Mexican Taco bars as well as gaming houses. All the famous brands, jewelers, perfumeries and cosmetics shops have their outlets here. There are many well decorated offices as well. This elegant mall has an international atmosphere.

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Good mall ever i see around the world....and Best shop which i like is Leather Galleria the bag shop

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