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కోర్నర్ హౌస్

ఐస్ క్రిమ్ దుకాణము
363/364, 1స్ట్రీట్ ఎ మేయిన్, కోరమంగలా 7టీ.హెచ్. బ్లాక్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560095, Karnataka
బిసైడ్‌ స్వీట్‌ చ్యారియట్
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Corner House: Chill out at Cornerhouse with delicious ice-cream sundaes, malts, milkshakes and the legendary Death By Chocolate. Whenever Bangaloreans want to scream ice-cream, the word Cornerhouse just rushes out of their mouth. The list of frozen desserts is mind-boggling but every fan has a favourite, which more often than not is the DBC or the French Apple with Cream. Servings are generous and service is quick. Compared to most ice-cream parlours in its league, prices are very reasonable. With branches across the city, its almost literally around the corner for most people.

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gawd, feel so unworthy of commenting on this "institution", anyone who leaves bangalore without tasting the DBC nd Apple Pie with ice-cream from Corner House probably aint human.
This is just fabulous beside sweet chariot