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హేరిటేజ్ హ్యాండ్లూమ్ ఎమ్పోరియమ్

టెక్స్టైల్ డీలర్స్
 01124623208, 01124620224
నియర్‌ హెచ్.డి.ఎఫ్.సి. బ్యాంక్‌
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Products: హ్యాండ్లూమ్ టేక్స్‌టైల్స్
ఎడిటర్ యొక్క గమనిక
Heritage Handloom Emporium: For that elegant and traditional look. Rich silk fabrics as well as exquisite readymades for men and women tempt you at this shop. For women there are traditional saris, salwar kameez suits and heavy bridal lehengas. The shop also stocks a range of handbags to go with the clothes. For men the shop has kurtas, rich sherwanis and shirts. There is a separate tailoring section where you can opt to have your clothes tailored.

సమీక్షను వ్రాయండి

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