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121, రాజ్‌ రతన ఇన్డస్ట్రియ్ల్‌ ఇస్టేట్‌, లిబడతి గార్డేన్‌, మలాడ్‌ వేస్ట్‌, ముంబయి - 400064, Maharashtra
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Credit Cards Accepted: నో
cash, credit card
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Origin Games: Origin is a LAN gaming centre where you can participate in multiplayer computer games. There is also console gaming (Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2. Origin also offers computer repair and consulting, custom built computers, web design, programming classes or summer camps, and many other technology related services. They have computer systems with higher-end hardware built specifically for computer gaming. Customers can play games with (or against) in-house opponents and most also include a high-speed Internet connection to allow customers to play games with online opponents as well (usually at the same time).

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origin games is the no 1 gaming store in malad

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