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 09886846157, 09880982161
5/1, 15थ क्रॉस, लक्कसँद्रा, होसुर रोड, बेंगलुरु - 560030, Karnataka
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Mitsubishi: पेडेस्टल फैन
Products: किचेन अप्लायन्सेज
Brands: लवप्योर, लुमिनस
Panasonic: माइक्रोवेव अवन
Crown: सीलिंग फैन, पेडेस्टल फैन
Samsung: माइक्रोवेव अवन
Appliance: गीजर - वाटर हीटर
Accessories & Parts: नो
Consumer Durables: येस
Sales: येस
Repairs & Services: नो
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Appliance: गीजर, हीटर, इमेर्ज्न हीटर
Inalsa: सीलिंग फैन, एग्जॉस्ट फैन
Services: येस
cash, credit card
Duke: सीलिंग फैन, एग्जॉस्ट फैन, पेडेस्टल फैन
Authorized Repair Services Of: रमसेन, रेकोल्ड, ए.ओ. स्मिथ, अराइज, जॉनसन, हैवेल्स, क्रॉम्पटन ग्रीव्स, बजाज, ओनिडा, फिलिप्स, हेयर, गोदरेज
Crompton Greaves: कैबिन/टावर फैन्स, सीलिंग फैन, पेडेस्टल फैन, पर्सनल फैन्स, वाल फैन
Brands: रेम्सों, उषा, वीनस, रेकोल्ड, वी-गार्ड, ए.ओ. स्मिथ, अराइज, जॉनसन, खेतान, हैवेल्स, क्रॉम्पटन ग्रीव्स, बजाज, ओरिएंट पी.एस.पी.ओ., एल.जी., सैमसंग, ओन्दिया, विडिओकॉन, फिलिप्स, हेयर, रल्लीसों केबल्स, सनी, किनस्टेर, हिताची, गोदरेज, वोल्टास, केन्ट, यूरेका फारबस, शवलिक
Khaitan: सीलिंग फैन, पेडेस्टल फैन, वाल एंड कैबिन फैन्स
Orient: सीलिंग फैन, एग्जॉस्ट फैन, वाल फैन
Products Other: वाटर हीटर डीलर्स, एलेक्ट्रिकल वाटर हीटर, फैन्स, एलेक्ट्रिकल गीजर, इन्डस्ट्रिय्ल एग्जॉस्ट फैन्स, वीनस गीजर डीलर्स, रेम्सों गीजर डीलर्स, रेकोल्ड गीजर डीलर्स, ए.ओ. स्मिथ गीजर डीलर्स, एलेक्ट्रिकल फिटिंग, वाइरस एंड केबल, एलेक्ट्रिकल अप्लायन्सेज, एलेक्ट्रिकल डीलर्स, ए.ओ. स्मिथ वाटर हीटर, रेकोल्ड वाटर हीटर, सीलिंग फैन, वाल फैन, पेडेस्टल फैन, गीजर्स
LG: ग्रिल माइक्रोवेव, सोलर डम माइक्रोवेव, सोलो माइक्रोवेव
Authorized Repair Services Of: रेम्सों, उषा, वीनस, रेकोल्ड, वी-गार्ड, ए.ओ. स्मिथ, अराइज, जॉनसन, खेतान, हैवेल्स, क्रॉम्पटन ग्रीव्स, बजाज, ओरिएंट पी.एस.पी.ओ., एल.जी., सैमसंग, ओनिडा, विडिओकॉन, फिलिप्स, हेयर, रल्लीसों केबल्स, सनी, किनस्टेर, हिताची, गोदरेज, वोल्टास, केन्ट आर.ओ., यूरेका फारबस

व्यवसाय का विवरण

JV Electricals is a leading dealer/distributor/retailer of electrical products with over 30 years of experience in electrical and electrical supplies industry. A one stop shop for all electrical goods, JV Electricals sells Electrical Switchgear, Fans, Tubelight fittings, Industrial Fans, Commercial & Industrial Flood Lights, A/C - Air-condition Systems, Stabilizers, Room Heaters, Cables (HT / LT), Domestic and Commercial Wires, Electrical Switches, Water Heaters (Geysers) and others. JV Electricals supplies high quality electrical products and appliances to home owners, builders, contractors, electricians, electrical contractors, electrical dealers, electrical showrooms, shops and stores in and around Karnataka.

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I Have been using 4 products purchased from this store called 25 litres water heater remson / led panel 22 watts / led panel 15 watts and shivalik ceiling fan 48" its been 2 months now these products has been installed,
the geyser is excellent heating and out put of water is super hot
the led panels 22 watts for my kitchen and 15 watts for my balconies is super bright as new till today
shivalik ceiling fan 48" super performance good speed and air
a person in the store recommended these items and we are really thankful that we made this purchase from them . we are happy about this that they were prompt and got the installation done on time.

purchased orient spectra , adalia orient and orient andrea from this store very helpful and informative they have been very honest about my purchase and have let me know every detail on my purchase , led lights work super in my place very low price and good quality

thanks for all the products you have recommended, happy with a beautiful home.

I got my home a little lighting solution , led spot lights, bathroom spot lights a total lighting solution, In the beginning after purchasing the lights, I didn't know that I don't have provision for the same after a small discussion with jv electrcials they really helped me in getting all those lighs installed around the place, I'm really greatful to them for their help thanks and keep the good work up
purchased good geyser and fans good dealer best prices delivered and installed the same in our apartment crompton fan orient fan and morphy richards water heater very fast installation and service
best rate and price for geyser and fans
1. thank you all the help
2.all products excellent.
Hello my name is Hari we stay in whitefield asset aura apartment 3 months we purchase all electrical items all very good , he give good price and best quality, havells fan very good looking power saving 5 star, electrical geyser 5 star.
hi guys my name is ramesh i work for a company called goldman sachs i live in kormangala esteem royal apartments i recently visited this store j v electricals which is located at lakksandra just opposite the nimhans convention center and found all the appliances that i needed for my new flat like the geysers and fans of course i did compare the prices with the market found them to be very attractive with their pricing and quality they had to offer deffinetly worth the visit they did value my time and perfect delivery timing glad to meet one mr vicky has superb knowledge about the products deffinetly recommend all of u to go there for all ur appliances . ramy thappa
Purchased a lot of goods very happy with sales and installation , very good people understanding recommend many people to the store , appreciated, thank you.
Best buy at this place good stuff geysers and fans led lights all with warranty
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