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 08041231340, 08040808181-83, 08041231348
108, थीममईआह रोड, वसंथ नगर, बैंगलोर - 560052, Karnataka
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cash, credit card
Art Dealer: नो
Languages: फ्रेंच
Foreign Cultural Centers: येस
Instructors: मिस्टर. सनज़
Seats: 250
Regional Language Performances: येस
Segment: फौरेन लेंग्वेज
Style: वेस्टर्न
Credit Cards Accepted: मास्टरकार्ड, विजा, विजा इलेक्ट्रॉन
Dance Form: जिव, चा चा चा, रम्बा, टैंगो, बेली डान्स, सालसा, लैटिन फर्म्स, मेरेँगुए, जैज, रॉक एंड रोल
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Alliance Francaise de Bangalore: Learn French, catch a play, join a dance class and find out everything you need to know about studying in France all at the vibrant Alliance Francaise. The Indo-French cultural centre welcomes anyone with the slightest interest in the arts or anything French. Theres always something to watch at the auditorium from jazz concerts to film festivals. The library is well stocked for those of you who read French and the caf is inviting. And, of course, French language lessons from basics to professional courses are held throughout the year.

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je suis ravi de trouve le centre francophone et invite moi a participe dans vos spectacle.... placidesisqo@yahoo.fr
i want to know if kids can also join this course

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