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കെഫെ മ്യാക്സ്

മ്യാക്സ് മുയേലെര് ഭവന്‌, 716, ഗ്രൌംഡ്‌ ഫ്ലോര്‌ സീ.ഏമ്.ഏച്. രോഡ്‌, ഇന്ദീരാ നഗര്‌ 1സ്ട്രീറ്റ് സ്ടെജ്‌, ബൈംഗലോര്‌ - 560038, Karnataka
നിയര്‌ ചിന്മയ ഹസ്പിറ്റല്‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: യെസ്
Home Delivery Radius: 4 കേമിസ്
Home Delivery: യെസ്
Amenities: നറ്റ് അവൈലെബല്
Valet Parking: നോ
Alcohol: നോ
Cuisine: ജര്മൻ
Home Delivery Call: 41200469
Veg/Non-Veg: നൻ-വെജ്
Food coupons accepted: നോ
Credit Cards Accepted: നോ
AC,Non AC: നൻ ഏ.സീ.

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They have awesome breakfast buffet. Carrot cake is pretty good.
Wonderful food with nice ambiance, airy roof top place with courteous staff. Ideal place to spend lazy afternoons and evenings. Awesome food.
Simple Cafe ...but please be a Continental Food Lover - when I say Continental not the Internatinally done up Conti taste but a more of Home ( Europe ) Based Continental . Food is wholesome but not the very tasty stuff....as done for us more us masses by the Casa Picola guys this is more for the German learners of the Institute above which it is located. . Yes the pies and Breads are diffrently good .The soups are good too ...a bit high on the wallet ....but then its a nice calm ambience - so I assume its included.

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