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ਵਨਲੇਅ ਰੇਸਟ੍ਰਾਂਟ

421, ਸ਼੍ਰੀ ਕਰਸ਼ਣਾ ਟੇਮਪਲ ਰੋਡ, ਇਂਦੀਰਾ ਨਗਰ 1ਸਟ੍ਰੀਟ ਸਟੇਜ, ਬੈਂਗਲੋਰ - 560038, Karnataka
ਬਿਹਾਇਂਡ ਆਈ.ਸੀ.ਆਈ.ਸੀ.ਆਈ. ਬੈਂਕ
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Catering: ਨੋ
Home Delivery: ਨੋ
Amenities: ਨਾਟ ਅਵੈਲੇਬਲ
Valet Parking: ਨੋ
Alcohol: ਨੋ
Cuisine: ਚਾਇਨਿਜ
Veg/Non-Veg: ਨਨ-ਵੈਜ
Food coupons accepted: ਨੋ
Credit Cards Accepted: ਯੈਸ
AC,Non AC: ਏ.ਸੀ.
Editor's Note
Wanley Restaurant: Wan Ley may get lost among the plethora of eating joints, but it is one of the favourite neighbourhood Chinese eateries. Lung Fung Soup, Hunan Chicken and Hakka Noodles are all time favourites here. Drop by for a meal, if youre passing this area.

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Wanley Restaraunt is a chinese joint where you can eat good food without wiping your wallet clean...fr me this is the best chinese restaurant in bangalore...they dont indianise the dishes too much and don't put on pseudo chic ambiance to overprice the food...try the dragon chicken at this place....better than the ones you get in mainland china and china pearl////
Neighborhood Chinese dinner joint ambiance -no frills . Wide choice of meats – which some top rung places avoid ...such as pork . Food is tasty and have a certain degree of freshness with sauces having their identity kept intact. Dishes are whole some – unlike some other places which batter fry many of their meats to look sizeable in their presentation.. Recommend the Chinese food lovers to try this as there is a strong Chinese flavor original presence lingering - only mildly altered by Indian taste buds – please do not ask them to make it spicy etc as it would confuse the cooks – just let the dishes roll .Dishes to try – all soups are okay – Pork Roast in all gravies or straight in its own sauce- and Prawns in any dry p ... View More

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