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Prakash Cellular Service

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
October 17, 2016 Rating
These guys just work perfectly for me. They saved my Yoga 11S and now they saved my One Plus Two.

Nepal Sweets

Sarat Bose Road ,Kolkata
December 04, 2015 Rating
One of the best sandesh I have ever had

Banana Leaf

Rajaji Nagar ,Bangalore
August 02, 2013 Rating

Roomali With A View

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
October 16, 2010
Not a good place.

Inchara Family Restaurant

J.P Nagar 6th Phase ,Bangalore
November 08, 2009 Rating
Went there with family after lot of days. We started with a lichee drink which tasted good. I had a hot and sour soup which was not as spicy as it usually is in most of the places. We also had a veg kebab as starter which tasted pretty good with green chutney. In the main course we tried some noodles with a sweet and sour curry. Both of them tasted excellent. Overall a good experience and in the end don't miss out on the Magahi Paan.

Malgudi Restaurant

Mylapore ,Chennai
October 25, 2009 Rating
We stayed at Hotel Savera on our last trip to Chennai and had food at Malgudi twice. Pretty good food. My kids enjoyed the Dosas and I feasted on good varieties of rice and the coffee was great. It has a pretty good ambiance ( looks a little like Enter the Dragon sets ). I would strongly recommend Chundal and a Vada made of Banana flowers if you go there.

Chowka Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
July 29, 2009 Rating
Great food and quick service. They use authentic ingredients and the taste is also pretty authentic.

PVR Cinemas

Koramangala ,Bangalore
July 26, 2009 Rating
Gold class again today... after 2 years. Watched ice age along with my daughter. The experience was great as always. Good chips and salsa with water melon ice tea on side. Nice movie. Had fun.

The Ants Cafe

Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
July 23, 2009
Last time I went there, there was no waiting period and good omelets for sure. Ambiance is also intresting.

Cafe Masala

Brigade Road ,Bangalore
July 17, 2009 Rating
Had lunch there with a friend today. Good buffet spread. Lots of choices. Price is a little bit on the higher side but once in a while chalta hai....

March 13, 2009
Went there today. Good food. Tried a spinach based Veg Subzi which tasted really good. The rotis are thin and soft. Service was quick and the ambiance was very non restaurantish.

Sagar Ratna

Indira Puram ,Ghaziabad
January 28, 2009 Rating
Had food here yesterday and believe it or not it was 20 ( 8 kids ) of us. The staff got us comfortable seating quickly and then also allowed us to get some cakes from outside to celebrate some occasions in the family. And ordering food was such a chaos but the staff was patient with us. We ordered food which included north and south indian as well as chinese. I tried hot and sour soup which was really hot. Loved the Tandoori rotis which were crisp unlike the rubber mats I get in Bangalore. Overall everybody was happy with the food. Pretty good food in reasonable ambiance.

Upreti Bakery And Confectioners

Indira Puram ,Ghaziabad
January 28, 2009 Rating
Good cakes selection here. Loved the pineapple cake. Ultra soft and very fresh.

December 24, 2008
I took some of my office folks to this place today. Trust me I was tense as all us were not sure if we will like the place. We decided to stick to mostly Chinese food as Thai and Indonesian are not all that palatable for us. So we started with some soups which were really hot and spicy. Starter was some potato stuff which had a great tangy taste. We ordered some hunan veg and burnt garlic rice as main course. Amazing stuff with very different taste. Being a garlic lover, it was great to see garlic put to such great use. We ended the meal with a good round of jasmine tea. It costed us 400 per person which is on the higher side but fine if you have it once in a while.


Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
November 30, 2008 Rating
Dunno if service has improved or it was because my kids were creating a big enough nusance, i did get good service in afternoon. I did order buffet maybe that helped. Food was good and rich but agree it was more suited to phoren guys trying indian food except for Veg Biryani. The best part was that they charged me only for two buffets and my kids ate free. There is nothing like a free lunch :)

July 05, 2008
I used there services today. The experience was very good. They were on time and did not mind slight alterations in pickup points. Car was in good shape and eached the new airport in 1.5 hours brom Bannerghatta Road. The purchase process was also smooth on their website.

July 01, 2008
Being a banglorean is not complete without a visit to this place. This tiny zero ambience place is for people who enjoy food and just food. If you are looking for places who hide their bad quality of food by good ambience then you might want to go somewhere else. This place is just about food and it serves great paranthas and subzis. Start your meal with a butter milk in a large steal glass. And after you are done with gulping those sinful paranthas, end it with one of the best Kheer you can get in town.

Sue's Food Place

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
June 13, 2008 Rating
Went there for buffet today. Food quality was good but not too sure if it was realy Caribbean. There was a spicy green chutney which was very spicy with some variety of pakodas. I think that they have indianised the Caribbean food completely.

Tangerine Restaurant

Koramangala ,Bangalore
June 12, 2008
Good stuff. Tried vegie stuff there. Good quality and decent service. They do have enough options for veg people also.

Freskka Restaurant

Rajmahal Vilas 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
June 05, 2008 Rating
I had food at this place last weekend. Ambience is reasonable and food quality is good. Their credit card machine was not working and we did not have enough cash. They were kind enough (maybe we looked decent enough) to let us go and we came back after few hours and paid them. BTW I did not see anybody besides myself out there. Not sure why but it might be due to high prices.

Katriya Hotel And Towers

Somajiguda ,Hyderabad
June 05, 2008 Rating
I was in this place last timeI visited Hyderabad. Too costly for the services they provide. Quality of room was OKish.They shouldeither decrease price or improve the quality of rooms.

April 23, 2008
I tried Veg Biryani from them. It is real good. Comes in an earthen pot and tastes yummy. The cost is just 50. Keep it up folks.

April 01, 2008
They serve good rolls and biryani. They keep all the ingredients ready and make it fresh right in front of you. Great place to have a quick meal. I am sure that they can make better rolls by using lesser onion in the filling.

January 30, 2008
Went to this place today for lunch today. Started with a soup which tasted good and had dim sum and chili potato as starter which tasted good. The kim chi served was not very good. Not sure why. We had some combo of chili garlic noodles and veg fried rice as main course and both of them were good. The price came out to around 200 per head which was a little bit costly but I guess Indiranagar has become posh enough now.

Pritam Dhaba Restaurant

Dadar East ,Mumbai
January 19, 2008 Rating
I had heard about this place from lot of my Mumbai friends but my experience out here was not too great. Overall the food was very oily and spicy and service left a lot to be desired. I am sure there are better places in Mumbai. Can some mumbai guy suggest me some good options to have north indian food when I visit Mumbai next ?

January 19, 2008
Went to this place today. We started with some nachos and humus with Pita bread. Nachos were not all that good but the Pita bread with humus was superb in taste as well as presentation. The main course had some lasagna and few more veg varieties. The presentation and taste was good but none of the dishes were two filling. Per head cost is around 300 which is on the higher side. Anyways a place worth trying.

Only Parathas

Khar West ,Mumbai
January 17, 2008 Rating
Shopping on linking road and not eating these parathas would be a crime you would not like to commit. But then the paranthas are tasty but sinful. So the choice is yours. They have more than 100 varieties of paranthas and they taste great.

Danny Lambas Punjabi Dhaba

Indira Nagar 1st Stage ,Bangalore
December 28, 2007 Rating
It still hurts. Went to the place today and the guy who took order and served food was just amazing. His rudeness and impoliteness were amazing. Scary feeling to pay money and get rude behavior in return. But to give due to credit to the guy, he was managing the entire place single handedly. The food was decent although a little bit pricey for the ambiance they provide. BTW you should see the soup nazi episode of Seinfeld and you should be able to relate to my comments.

New Shanthi Sagar

Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
November 29, 2007
Just check out if he has not given you the same Gobhi Manchurian which he gave you six years ago !!

Magic Puddles

J.P Nagar 3rd Phase ,Bangalore
September 08, 2007 Rating
Great place for kids. They take real good care of kids. Both my kids have enjoyed studying here. Ravi and Viji take care of all the kids. The teachers are very friendly and make very minute observation about all the kids.

Ryan International School

Bannerghatta Road ,Bangalore
August 14, 2007
They have some creative folks out there. They organized a fancy dress for parents instead of kids this year. It was fun to see all the parents in funny dresses. Obviously kids had a good laugh at adult's cost :)

The Forum

Koramangala ,Bangalore
August 14, 2007 Rating
You would rather travel in Mumbai locals..... Forum which was once a great place to be has become over crowded. Most of the stores inside have long queues and almost impossible to find any empty place inside. The food court transit and parking is good.

Dr. Sanjay Phutane

Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
July 20, 2007
We always go to him for any homeopathy treatment. Very lively person and half your ailment is gone just talking to him. His medicines have always worked for me and my family.

Dr. Reeta Prakash

Jaya Nagar 4th T Block ,Bangalore
July 20, 2007 Rating
She has been our family doctor for years now. Always very helpful and suggests us the right options.

Sahib Sindh Sultan

Koramangala ,Bangalore
July 18, 2007
Great ambiance and conceptualization. It really looks like a rich man's train. Prices are too high and average meal might touch Rs 500 easily. Some of the dishes are really exotic and represent the food of north. The only issue with food is that it is too heavy and you got to fast for a day before you go there. Firstly to save some money and teh second reason is obvious :)

Ragoos Restaurant

Jaya Nagar 6th Block ,Bangalore
July 17, 2007 Rating
One of my friends introduced me to this place few months back and I am almost addicted to it now. I always end up eating the great brick oven pizzas they make. The pizzas taste much better than lot of those MNCs dish out to you which makes you feel like eating a factory product. My all time favorite pizza out here is the one with mango. The sweet mango with khara jalapenos tastes amazing.

PVR Cinemas

Koramangala ,Bangalore
July 17, 2007 Rating
Wow.... The gold class experience was great. Watched Shivaji today and enjoyed it even without understanding much of Tamil. I guess the lack of script in the movie helped to break the language barrier. The gold class experience was great with plush seats and good food. The staff is friendly and courteous. The price is steep (Rs 600 per head) but fine for me as I end up watching movies in theaters rather occasionally.

Lazeez Restaurant

Koramangala 5th Block ,Bangalore
July 15, 2007
Amazing quality of rolls...... I went there recently after so many years but the quality still is top class. Being a vegie there is nothing more than that I can try as it is primarily a non veg place.

Cafe Y

Langford Town ,Bangalore
July 07, 2007
I just love this place. Great food and decent ambiance. I guess they can work a little bit on improving the time they take.

July 07, 2007
Good quality clothing for kids. Prices are reasonable and quality is great. Big time favorite with my kids.

Cafe Coffee Day

Cunningham Road ,Bangalore
July 07, 2007
The greatest thing about this CCD is that you can watch TV as you sip a cup of coffee. I have spent tons of time here after running away from my office on ali askar road to watch matches in crucial stages.

July 07, 2007
I used to get my car serviced there till they charged me a fortune for one of my servicing. I was very dis-satisfied and stopped going there. Now I prefer to go with the small guys. At least you pay less money for bad service.

Tewari Bros Mithai

Dickenson Road ,Bangalore
July 07, 2007
Sahi rabdi banata hai..... Mithai ho to tewari jaisi warna na ho!


Race Course Road ,Bangalore
July 07, 2007
I used to go there very often when I used to work on Race Course road.... Have great memories of spending time with my teams. Love the pizza out there in the lunch buffet they have. Obviously you need a fat wallet to go to Taj but worth it specially if it is too late at night.

July 07, 2007
I love the place because they serve only veg food. Love there thin pizzas and some of them or not loaded with cheese and are crispy. The only issue is that the road is so crowded and becomes very noisy if you sit outside.

Ryan International School

Kundala Halli ,Bangalore
July 07, 2007
My daughter studied there for one year. Pretty good place for kids to learn and have fun. She loved the place.

July 07, 2007
It is a great place to have veg food at reasonable cost. The staff is friendly and ambiance homely.