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Italian Restaurant

Koramangala 6th Block ,Bangalore
February 13, 2011
Started off with a tandoor roasted tofu kebab, which tasted a bit sweet (surprisingly) hence did not serve as a very good starter. But rest of my lunch went really well. Order Olio Alio with Fettuccini (which is nothing but flat noodles) with extra mushroom topping, which was fresh and tasty. My friend went for a salad with cheese dressing and the cheese was just amazing. We also ordered a Humus + Pita with grilled veggies, that tasted very good and was quite a filler. Wine for the day for us was White wine: Sauvignon Blanc, which was served chilled and proved a perfect compliment for the food. Ambiance here deserves a special mention, although at the side of the semi-busy road, the restaurant is decorated in a true terrace style with plants and small water fountains on the boundary, giving you a very soothing and relaxing feel, chairs are quite comfortable and on a windy afternoon it makes a perfect place to sit, relax and enjoy a tasty cuisine. Food 9/10 Ambiance 9/10 Service 8/10 Cost 7/10 Overall 8.5/10

Ping Restaurant And Dessert Bay

Koramangala 5th Block ,Bangalore
February 13, 2011
Awesome thing about this place is that they have a separate dim-sum/momos menu. Checked in this place solely for momos, so checked out only the dim-sum menu. Ordered a veg dim sum platter which was a combination of 4 different types of fried momoz and 4 different type of non-fried momoz. Almost all of them tasted very nice except one non-fried one. The sauces served alongside momoz were good too especially the green sauce which appeared quite fresh. My friend ordered some lichi cream desert which was a bit too sweet but palatable. The ambiance is very good, sofas are placed inside and outside (in a coffee shop style). Inside is decorated with black and white photo-graphs in frames which kinds give this place a unique touch. Menu is quite extensive, would love to visit this place again and try out a few more dishes. Food 8/10 Ambiance 9/10 Service 7/10 Cost 7/10 Overall 8/10


Koramangala 4th Block ,Bangalore
February 7, 2011
Went here with a group of friends and opted for a buffet. Starters were okayish, one of the starters karari gobhi was harder than actual gobhi starters are. Even though it was a buffet and we self serviced with the starters, the main course was served on our table. The main course was decent. Infact I felt it was home like home food. Chicken, Mutton, mix veg, paneer, dal and rotis. And now comes the best part, the deserts, they were quite good. Chocolate rum-ball was awesome and pastry was delightful too. Decent lunch at decent price, not a bad deal. Food 7/10 Ambiance 7/10 Service 6/10 Cost 7/10 Overall 7/10

Medici French And Italian Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
February 7, 2011 Rating
The food is quite tasty and the menu quite exquisite. Just after my order I was server with complimentary bread butter and an "olive oil jug". Yes, it's quite different than I have seen at any other restaurant. I started with "Bruchetta" as appetizers. It was very fresh and the bread was decently roasted. But more than an appetizer it filled my stomach, quite tasty nonetheless. For main course I went for "Vol au vent" which is some special french puff stuffed with cream sauce, and broccoli with cheese sprinkled over. Puff was a little more hard and the dish was a bit more salty in all, but tasted good on a whole. As I side dish I had ordered "Ravioli" Pasta, which was nothing but pasta sheets with an overdose of tomato, plus tinge of olive oil. This was a dish I did not like. Topped my lunch with a hot cappuccino. The service is quick and prompt, the ambiance quite soothing, but food was not as satisfying as expected. Plus it's a bit more heavy on the wallet. Worth a visit once for a non-conventional food lover. Food 7/10 Ambiance 9/10 Service 8/10 Cost 7/10 Overall 7.5/10

Sahib Sindh Sultan

Koramangala ,Bangalore
January 23, 2011
Great service but okayish food Checked in a bit late with a few friends. Ambiance is great and service is very hospitable, but food was decent at best. Ordered veg platter which was good, but both the dishes ordered for the main course were only so so. With one starter, one round of drinks and relatively less amount of main course for 5 people, the total bill amount was 850 per head, which seemed a bit overpriced. But still would want to visit the place again to try some more options. Food Taste- 3/5 Service - 4/5 Parking Options - 4/5 Ambience - 4/5 Wallet Factor - 3/5

Casa Piccola Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 4, 2010
Amazing food, esp the "Epinard a'la Creme", "Casserole" and Casa Fritters are some of my fav dishes. Vegetable steak isn't that good though. And I love the breads and other assortments which they serve alongside the dishes. Cool and quite place if you go a bit late in afternoon and you can enjoy sumptuous meals at reasonable cost. Dishes are filling and final bill is just the sum of the cost of dishes you ordered mentioned on the menu, no extra VAT or service charge (i.e. already included obviously) And don't forget to top up your meal with some desert or a cup of hot chocolate with cream in it. Wallet Factor 450+ for two people Food 8.5/10 Service 7/10 Ambiance 6/10

Zoe Resto Cafe

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
December 4, 2010 Rating
Decent place with nice ambiance, have a very elaborate menu with a lot of dishes to cater to your gastronomic desires. Started with a Filter coffee, which tasted a lot like those at cafe coffee day. Then tried a dish called "loaded skin"; kind of stuffed potato, wasn't as good as expected but decent. Could see people on other tables munching on sizzlers and other sumptuous dishes, but I was in a mood for a coffee and a light meal so settled for that. Finally topped up my meal with a Hot chocolate, which was quite good, right mix of milk choco and cream. Some people were smoking and surfing internet on outside seating, and came in when their meal arrived. So this is a place where you can just go and chill-out plus you may have nice food as well. Would want to visit once again to try more stuff out and would write a more elaborate review then. Worth a visit once. Wallet Factor: 400+ for two people. Ambiance 7/10 Service 7/10 Cost 6/10 (Bit more than is should be)

The Grill House

Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore
December 4, 2010
43, 1st Floor, 7th Main Road , Indira Nagar 2nd Stage ,Bangalore Crumb mushrooms was a starter I started with which was very tasty but quantity was quite less as compared to the price. The vegetable steak (called vegetable triangles) was quite good, simple yet delicious. The paneer in the steak was just as hard as it should be no more no less, served with a tasty gravy sauce, mashed potato and vegetables. As a side dish I ordered sauteed mushrooms, which were bit bland, but properly cooked. Wallet factor: 500-600 bucks for two people. Suggestion: They need to have a few hot beverages. Food 8/10 Ambiance 6/10 Price 7/10 Service 7/10

Catch Marine

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010 Rating
I liked the food and ambiance, but not much choices for veggies. I was looking for more items with paneer and/or cheese mixed with vegetables, or some exotic non routine vegetables, but there was only one item for veg called thai curry which appeared 'global' to me and that too wasn't very tasty. One of the starters was quite good that was aloo tikki, but for non-veg people there were 3 nice starters. Veg fried rice tasted very odd and plain and veg hakka noodles were more hard than they should have been. I had no choice but to visit the pasta counter again, which was a day-saver for me. Yes they had a live pasta counter, where the chef will make a pasta for you from your chosen assortments of ingredients and your choice of pasta, quite good. I discussed with Catch Marine Profile on FB and the guy assured me that it would be better the next time, so guys wait for my reviews the next time. :) food taste 7/10, variety 6/10, (for veggies) service 8/10, ambiance 7/10, Overall 7/10.

Cafe Masala

Brigade Road ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010 Rating
Been to Cafe Masala, above Eva mall, yesterday for dinner buffet. Some starters we too good, especially the aloo tikki. Mushrooms and paneer were amazing too. The buffet food was amazing though you won't reach there if you binge on the starters. Deserts had a nice variety and you can see chocolate fountain their as well. Even though it's a buffet they serve you the starters and service was quite good (though we went on a weekday, could be one factor) food taste 9/10, variety 8/10, service 9/10, ambiance 7/10, Beware: Drinks can be very-very expensive. Overall 8.5/10.

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant

Whitefield Main Road ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010 Rating
Went to Rajdhani, Forum Mall, Whitefield. It's kind of a buffet, where they serve you a thali, and food in as much quantity as u want. Food 6/10 Service 8/10 Ambiance 5/10 Cost 4/10 (Too much for the taste and overall exp) All in all, food was ok dokie and so was ambiance, Overall 6/10

Barbeque Nation

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010 Rating
Went to Barbecue Nation, at 100 ft rd, yesterday. Did not find it worthy for a vegetarian. I heard it was famous for starters, but starters were okayish and main menu so so.One of the starters was very good though - the potato onion pakora with cheese Starters 5/10 Main Course 5/10 Desserts 6/10 Ambiance 6/10 Cost 4/10 for veggies (450 per head is a little too much, even when you have unlimited starters) Overall 5/10 for vegetarians.

Red Bamboo Shoots

Museum Road ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010
Went to another BJN group restaurant, Red Bamboo Shoots, Museum Road. Had some very nice Veg Chinese food. The 'Sweet corn soup' was amazing and so was 'vegetables in coriander sauce'. Noodles were soft, smooth and tasted how they should be. And the best part was that the food was very filling and wholesome. Food 8/10 Ambiance 7/10 Service 8/10 Cost 6/10 The service charge all BJN group restaurants put is 10 percent, in addition to 13 percent VAT which is not included in prices on the menu, so you pay much more than what you see on the menu. Overall 7.5/10 Good

100 Feet Boutique Restaurant

Indira Nagar ,Bangalore
July 19, 2010
"100 ft restaurant", yes don't get stumped that's the name. And the name of the road as well, alongside which they are situated. Specially is Italian, which means pastas and stuff. Went for lunch. They didn't have a buffet but a la carte. Started with a soup, then the appetizers and finally going on to main course. Did not try the desert. The food was really tasty especially Lasagna. Ambiance is okayish, but service was good. All in all an afternoon well spent. Food 9/10 Ambiance 6/10 Service 8/10 Cost 6/10 Overall 8/10 (Go once for sure and see if you like the whole experience) Things to watch out for: 1) Most of dishes were high on cheese. 2) Quantity is such that you got to order 3 or 4 dishes for 2 people in order to get full (well that depends on your appetite also). 3) Hard drinks are available and choice of soft drinks is quite limited. 4) Prices are on a higher side though, so "bewarez".