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கிலெ பாட்

 08041255109, 08025290612
ராமா கோயில் ரோட்‌, புதிய திப்பாசன்திர, பெங்களூர் - 560075, Karnataka
அருகில் ராமா கோயில்
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Catering: யெஸ்
Home Delivery: யெஸ்
Home Delivery Radius: 4 கேமிஸ்
Amenities: நாட் அவைலெபல்
Valet Parking: நோ
Alcohol: நோ
Veg/Non-Veg: வெஜ்
Food coupons accepted: நோ
Credit Cards Accepted: யெஸ்
AC,Non AC: எ.சி.
Cuisine: சைனிஸ் , இன்டியன்‌ , மல்டி-கூசிந்ய்

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Excellent food. But the problem is a few waiters have a tendency to stand like a statue and stare at pretty girls. It is very irritating. They simply stare at your body. Pretty women, please avoid.
I liked clay pot very much. Due to high popularity and too much order may be they miss out a few, which get highlighted as bad experience. The people are good and the food, as far as my experience.
perfectly said,..
I think its the WORST ever restaurant in a place like Indira nagar...not only their food is bad...but also they lie to the customer . I ordered some lunch...after 2 hrs wen i enquired they told that they came to my house, rang the bell...they even called me on my mobile...the fact is they did not do any one the above..they bull shitted me...Similar thing happend at their own place...i waited long for some real bad food...and they cant even prepare the bill properly....seriously bad experience after two tries...HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENED!!!!!!!111

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