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 08041512898, 08041757575
114/1, సై కామ్ప్ల్యాక్స్, 1స్ట్రీట్ ఫ్లోర్‌, ఎమ్.జి రోడ్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560001, Karnataka
అబోవ్‌ కార్పోరేశన్‌ బ్యాంక్‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Home Delivery Radius: ఎన్/ఎ
Amenities: నాట్ అవైలేబల్
Alcohol: యేస్
Stags Allowed: యేస్
Parking: వాలేట్
Home Delivery Call: ఎన్/ఎ
Catering: నో
Home Delivery: నో
Valet Parking: యేస్
Cuisine: ఇటాలియన్ , మల్టి-కూసిన్
Veg/Non-Veg: నన్-వేజ్
Food coupons accepted: నో
Credit Cards Accepted: యేస్
Amenities: డి.జె.
Entry: ఫ్రీ
AC,Non AC: ఎ.సి.
cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: మాస్టర్‌కార్డ్, విజా, విజా ఇలేక్ట్రాన్
ఎడిటర్ యొక్క గమనిక
Relax over with your favourite cocktails at Couch Lounge Bar & Restaurant, an ideal place to catch up with friends at the end of a long day! Mostly described by the crowd as exotic, magical & mystical, Couch Lounge Bar & Restaurant is a great place to be at with family & friends. Some of the most favourites are Pasta Alfredo, Prawn and Cucumber Rice Salad & Oreo Cookies Cheese Cake. Everything is good about the place be it the food or the music or the sheer ambiance!

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యూజర్ సమీక్షలు

Awesome place.Chilled beer with chicken tandoori.Cool music best place to go with your friends on weekend and have fun
Good food.Great ambiance.Great Drinks!I jst love this place
Awesome place!!!
great food... brilliant portions as compared to Spiga
excellent value for money
try Reccession Wednesdays - 50% off the whole night through
Nice Place To Enjoy
couch lounge bar n restaraunts havng best music system n the DJ. no 1 can sit without tapping der feet,best place to hv d party..... hvng veraity of yummy food.n if sm1 wanna gets high den enjy drinks wth musiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc......................... so wht r u all wating 4 runnnn.
Very nice place. Nice drinks, smoking section, cool lounge bar, not costly by bangalore standards... what else could you ask for on a Saturday evening?
the couch lounge bar & restaraunt is actually a refurbished version of spiga, which was shutdown sometime bac..the oreo cheese cake at this place is a must try...the prices are reasonable(a veg course would set you back by 250 max)
The place has real nice ambience and i must say its not as overpriced as most of the other pubs in the area.
Music aint too loud, so if u wanna have a conversation, this is the place
Flaming mushrooms- must try. Tequilla is not really strong here.

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