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લક્મી બ્યૂટી સેલન

Beauty Parlour
 08025496542, 08041251406
36, કોલ્સ રોડ, ફ્રેઝર ટાઉન, બૈંગલોર - 560005, Karnataka
નિયર સઁથાઇ રેસ્ટ્રોંટ
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Brands: લેક્મે
Gender: વૂમેન
Other Services: બ્યૂટી ટિપ્સ
Hair Treatment: એંટી-ગ્રીઇંગ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, ક્રમપિંગ, ડેન્ડ્રફ કંટ્રોલ, હેયર કલર, હેયર કટ, હેયર આયરનિંગ, હેયરલોસ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, હેયર સ્ટીલિંગ, હીલીતેસ, પાર્શલ હેયર સ્ત્રૈઘ્તેનીઁગ, પર્મનેંટ હેયર સ્ત્રૈઘ્તેનીઁગ, પેર્મીઁગ, રિબનડિંગ, રૂટ્સ ટચ અપ, સ્કેલ્પ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, શેમ્પૂ, થ્રેડિંગ, તોન્ગીઁગ, એક્સ-તેન્સો
Body Treatment: બોડી સનટૂરિંગ, હેંડ એંડ ફીટ મસાજ, રેફ્લેક્ષોલોગ્ય, રિજુવનેશન, સ્ટર્સ રિલીવિંગ ટ્રીટ્મેંટ
Credit Cards Accepted: માસ્ટરકાર્ડ, વિજા, વિજા ઇલેક્ટ્રોન
Beauty Products: સમપેક, આય બ્રો પેન્સિલ, આય લેશ્સ, આય લાઇનર, આય શેડો, હેયર કેયર, લિપ ગ્લોસ, મેસ્કારા, નેલ કેયર, રોજ પાઉડર, સ્કિન કેયર
Skin Treatment: આસ્ન ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, એંટી એજિંગ, એઅર્વેડિક, બ્લીચિંગ, બ્રાઇડલ મેક અપ, આય બ્રો ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, ફેશલ, ફ્રૂટ્સ, હર્બલ, લિફ્ટિંગ એંડ ટોનિંગ, મનીકરી, મોલ કટિંગ, નેલ આર્ટ, પેડકરી, પિગ્મેન્ટેશ્ન, સ્કિન પોલિશિંગ, અંડર આય ટ્રીટ્મેંટ, અન્વાંટેડ હેયર રિમુવલ, વેક્સિંગ
Editor's Note
Lakme has been associated with cosmetics since 1952 and is one of the leading names in the industry today. Lakme has diversified its operations and opened up Lakme Beauty Salon chains across all major cities in the country. The salons are equipped with the latest technology in hair and skin care and offer skin care services, beauty services, hair care services and bridal packages. Lakme Beauty Salons are hygienic and their world-class experts provide special care and attention to every customer. Lakme salons are known for their avant garde haircuts, special facials, and mosaic nail art, among other things.

Other Branches of Lakme Beauty Salon

Near Udupi Garden Restaurant
BTM 2nd Stage, Bangalore
Near MTR Restaurant
Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore
In Panchajanya Towers
Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore
Near Adigas Hotel
Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
Beside Krishna Park
Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Above Axis Bank
Bellandur Outer Ring Road, Bangalore
Near Kundalahalli Gate Bus Stop
Brookefield, Bangalore
In Imperial Court
Cunningham Road, Bangalore
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User Reviews

This place is a rip off ! They train their employees to sell rather pester you to get additional services that or of no use to you but they will force it down to your throat and say it is needed. I am so disgusted - it's not about the consumer being gullible it's their marketing technique. Please be cautious !
Lakme Beauty salon on coles road is a case study on how customer service should NOT be. The lady who manages the salon is rude over the phone, rude in person and rude to everyone around her, all the time! She looks at you like you are doing her a favour by going there, and that they are not there to serve you!! Ask her the price of a service and she will take her time to answer.. it's like their price list is a precious classified document that only she has access to! When it was time to pay, she rudely asked for my phone number. I said I don't want to give it. She glared at me and took her time printing out the bill. She complained about how because I didn't give my phone number, she would have to add my bill in another customer's accoun ... View More

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