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वृंदावन हॉस्पिटल

 08322250022, 08322250033
ट्यून इन्डस्ट्रिय्ल इस्टेट, पेद्देम, एन.एच.-17, करस्वदा, मपूसा, गोवा - 403507
इन ट्यून इन्डस्ट्रिय्ल इस्टेट


cash, credit card
Stool Test: येस
Urine Test: येस
Treadmill Test: येस
24 Hours: येस
Hearse Van: येस
Blood Tests: येस
Credit Cards Accepted: नो
Lungs Test: नो
Home Delivery: नो
Optical Test: येस
Nerve & Vein Test: येस
X-Ray: येस
Heart Test: येस
Scan: येस
Air Ambulance: नो
Specialization: कार्डियोलॉजी, ओर्दोपेडिक सर्जरी, पिडिय्ट्रिक्स, जेनरल सर्जरी, ट्रॉमा एंड क्रिटिकल केयर, कार्डिय्वॅस्कलॅर एंड थॉरकिक सर्जरी, इंडसपिक एंड लॅपॅरोस्कोपिक सर्जरी, गस्त्रोएँतेरोलोग्य एंड वन्ससर्जरी, न्यूरो सर्जरी, ओरल एंड मॅक्सिलोफॅश्ल सर्जरी, ऍंएस्थेसिय्लोगी, ओब्स्टेट्रिक्स एंड गींएकोलोगी, कोस्मेटिक सर्जरी, ई.एन.टी., अरोलोगी, नेफ्रोलोग्य, डेर्मॅटोलोगी, ओफ्दॅल्मोलोगी, डेंटल, रेस्पिरेटरी मेडिसिन, फीजिय्देरॅपी, डायटेटिक्स
Editor's Note
Provides quality health-care services, and out-reach programs. Started in 1994, this hospital has come a long way in providing quality health-care services such as Joint Replacement, Obesity Clinic, Alternative Medicine, Nuero-Surgery amongst others. Besides this, they have a mobile ICU and 24-hour facilities like trauma unit, lab, radiology, and pharmacy amongst others. They even undertake health packages.

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User Reviews

Dear all, I want to thank you for my treatment in your hospital 30th Jan to 2nd Feb 2013. My illness was (still is) a reasonably severe one, and I am grateful for the expertise of your personnel. My special thanks go to nurse Packia Selwam Nadar, whose genuine, heartfelt compassion was a great comfort to me - being a foreigner in a distant country with a serious health problem is not an easy thing to deal with. Packia's help in my difficult situation was of essential importance. I am not forgetting the great efforts of the rest of the staff, of course, but I would be very grateful if You, Dr. Naik, would convey my thanks to Packia personally. Having been both an employee and a boss myself, I know sincere thanks for a work well don ... View More
my grandfather was have a pain in stomach. first we admited him in sawantwadi. the pain was serious. doctor tell us to admit him in vrundavan hospital goa. we admited him in vrundavan hospital on 3 november 2012 in under dr.shirsat. they examined him. my grandfather feeling better after few days. thanks for dr.shirsat , nurses and vrundavan hospital.
had a very satisfying experience in this hospital few months ago. we had come from mumbai for a holiday in goa. my dad started experiencing severe pain in chest and almost collapsed on the beach. we rushed him to a nearby hospital where we were guided to this hospital. we were told that my father had suffered amajor heart attack. thankfully even late at night we had a interventional cardiologist there dr asawa madhususdan. he was one of the most emphatic and clear headed doctor i have met till now. he explained to us very calmly and made us understand what happend to my dad. it was so reassuring to see such a young doctor having such empathy and outlook towards pts. i have seen doctors who act so stupid and dont bother to explain anything. ... View More

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