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ஜல்ஸா ஃபைன் டினைங்க் ரெஸ்டிராண்ட் Owner Verified Listing

 08032425757, 08032436767
 09886687788, 09886657788
25, மாரதாஹலிலி ஆஉடர் ரிங்க்‌ ரோட்‌, தோட்டானெகுண்டி கிராமம், மராடா ஹலிலி, பெங்களூர் - 560037, Karnataka
பிஃபோர் டோடல் மால்
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Home Delivery Radius: 3 கேமிஸ்
Amenities: ஆஉட்‌டோர் செடிங்க்
Alcohol: யெஸ்
Stags Allowed: யெஸ்
Parking: வாலெட்
Home Delivery Call: 32425757
Catering: நோ
Home Delivery: யெஸ்
Valet Parking: நோ
Cuisine: முகிலை , நோர்த் ஃபிரண்டியர்
Food coupons accepted: நோ
Credit Cards Accepted: யெஸ்
Veg/Non-Veg: அல்லாத-வெஜ்
Amenities: டி.ஜெ., டேன்ஸ் ஃபிலோர், அதர்ஸ்
Entry: ஃபிரீ
AC,Non AC: எ.சி.
cash, credit card
Credit Cards Accepted: அமெரிகன் எக்ஸ்பிரெஸ், மாஸ்டர்‌கார்ட், விஜா


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பயனர் விமர்சனங்கள்

A fancy restaurant in the town. A mughal, palatial, old timers kind of a theme. More of a 'family' kind of a place. They do serve alcohol, though. They have accessories for facebook photos - turbans, swords etc - in case you are interested.
Do not miss out on wearing those Mughal style turban and flaunting wooden swords.
Awesome ambiance, pretty good food but they need to improve on service front.
Nice ambiance. But poor food quality. Service is not at all good. Its very slow and not up to mark. Chappattis are like rubber. They have done a very remarkable job in maintaining the royal look but still they need a lot of improvement in food. Slightly over budget also.
Liked the royal look of the restaurant, the service and food was not up to the mark. The name of the cocktails are more interesting than the cocktail itself. Stick to the basic cocktails here rather than expensive ones.
Average food. Alright service. Ambiance is too flashy for my liking but well done. Jalsa is a new fine dining restaurant near Marathahalli outer ring road, but the food there is not up to the mark of other restaurants nearby. The 'raita' was bitter and the 'phulka's were rubbery. Even the veg seekh kabab starter that I had ordered was over burnt.
The saving grace was it's dal tadka, which was quite nice actually.
great food. Good service. Great Ambience

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