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లజీజ్ రేస్ట్రాంట్

 08025550204, 08041232543
75/76, జేంసోన్ బిల్డింగ్‌, 2ఎన్.డి. ఫ్లోర్‌, కమర్శల్‌ స్ట్రీట్‌, బైంగలోర్‌ - 560001, Karnataka
నియర్‌ కోమేరిక్యాల్ పోలిస్‌ స్టేశన్‌
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cash, food coupon, credit card
Catering: Yes
Home Delivery Radius: 7 Kms
Home Delivery: Yes
Valet Parking: No
Alcohol: No
Home Delivery Call: 25550204
Veg/Non-Veg: Non-Veg
Food coupons accepted: Sodexo, Ticket Restaurant
Credit Cards Accepted: Yes
AC,Non AC: Non AC
Amenities: Children's Play Area, Outdoor Seating
Cuisine: Mongolian , Multi-Cuisine , North Indian , Tandoori
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Lazeez Restaurant: This restaurant is all about the food: great biryani, and hearty rolls. The meat in the rolls is nicely roasted and is filling, and the paneer and egg rolls are also very tasty. If youre especially hungry, ask for the double-egg-double-chicken roll its quite a handful and will fill you up. The biryani is fantastic perfectly cooked, mildly spiced rice and succulent chunks of well-marinated mutton Mughlai biriyani at its best. If you arent fussy about decor, service or ambience, then take a seat. And dont forget to order the Phirni to finish.

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Looking for Kolkata style rolls on Commercial Street then this is the place.
the best place to have food poisoning, people who want to lose weight fast should the the food here
better to walk down the road for rolls and biryani..
if you like adventure you wont be disappointed!!

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